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Top Tips for a Successful Subclass 143 Visa Application for Your Parents

The Australian Parent Visa is one of the most difficult visas to obtain, particularly if you consider the cost, the processing delays involved, and the required documentation. An applicant for the Australian parent visa should be well-prepared, and that person is required to submit the most proper application. 

There are a few steps that the applicant needs to follow to make an application for a subclass 143 visa successful. This blog write-up focuses on tips for parents visa 143 application. 

What is a Subclass 143 Visa Application?

The subclass 143 visa application is also referred to as a contributory parent visa, and it provides the visa applicant with the right to permanent residence. There is a set of eligibility criteria concerning this visa type, and they are as follows:-

• The child of the parent applying for such a visa should sponsor the parent.

• The child sponsoring such a visa needs to be an Australian citizen, or that person needs to be a permanent citizen or a citizen of New Zealand.

• The applicant must adhere to the needs and requirements of the balance of the family test.

• The child of the person applying for such a visa needs to offer an assurance of support to the parent.

• The applicant is required to fulfil health requirements that are associated with such a visa type.

• The applicant for parents visa 143 needs to be of good character.

• The person must not have had an Australian visa rejected or cancelled in the past.

• The applicant must not have a subclass 870 visa while applying for such a visa.

Benefits of Parents Visa 143

• The visa allows the applicant to stay with their child permanently in Australia.

• The applicant must apply for such a visa along with that person’s family members, such as spouse or kids.

• Sponsor other family members to get benefits of the visa provided they meet the requirements for the visa.

• Make an enrollment under the public health care system of Australia.

• The visa also allows the visa holder to apply for Australian citizenship in due course of time. 

Tips for Successful subclass 143 Visa Application for Parents

Choose the Proper Parent Visa Type

This category includes a variety of visas. Therefore you must choose the proper one. When applying from outside Australia, you have the following choices to consider depending on your specific situation:

• Parent Visa Subclass 103

• Parent Visa Subclass 143

• Parent Visa Subclass 173

• Sponsored Parent 870 Visa

One of the following visas might be available to you if you submit your application for parents visa 143 from Australia:

• Parent Visa Subclass 804

• Parent Visa Subclass 864

• Parent Visa Subclass 884

Verify That You Match the Requirements

Be sure you are qualified for the type of visa you have selected before you begin the application procedure. The following are the primary prerequisites for all parent visa types:

• Your child must be an eligible citizen of New Zealand, a permanent resident of Australia, or an Australian citizen.

• Before your application, your child had been residing in Australia for at least two years.

• Your sponsor is your child.

• You can pass the Balance of Family test’s requirements.

• You can maintain the necessary level of health.

• You are capable of upholding moral standards.

Provide any necessary documentation.

Australia’s parent immigration process necessitates a large number of supporting documents. You will be required to submit complete information and all necessary supporting documentation for you, your partner, and any dependents listed on your application, if any, during the application process. 

They consist of identification papers, sponsorship papers, family-related papers, character papers, assurance of support papers, and photos. Know more about the type of documentation you must submit from the visa agent Australia

Be organized

Your application is more likely to be completed quickly if your materials are organized logically and coherently. Ensure that scans and photos are orientated correctly and that everything is in chronological order. Remember that translation must be submitted with the source documents in the target language.

Reply to Requests from the Department of Immigration 

The Department of Immigration may contact you after reviewing your application to request more information or supporting documentation. Be careful to answer right away to avoid any big delays.

Get Qualified Assistance from a Licensed Migrant Agent

Please submit the required paperwork and a completed application form to avoid delays or rejection. Ask a visa agent Australia for professional assistance to ensure you do it correctly. They can offer as much or as little assistance as you require, from aiding you in choosing the right visa to helping you gather documentation and complete your application.


This blog write-up discusses, in brief, the various steps one should follow to make sure that parents’ visa 143 is processed successfully. An applicant can obtain additional information on how to apply for such a visa from visa agent Australia. To know more about the visa and the process by which the applicant needs to apply for such a visa, it is recommended that you visit relevant content available on the web. 


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